Harpia FC-200 Kabel Schneider
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Cable Cutting Tool
Cable Cutting Tool

Harpia FC-200 Cable Cutting Tool

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  • One and two handed tool. For copper and aluminium cables up to 36 mm diameter.
  • Easy handling. Stable an readjustable ratchet-drive for a constant cutting quality.
  • Low weight and compact construction – can be used even in confined areas.
  • Cutting- and various components made of high-grade special tool steel, oil-hardened.
  • Precision grinding for easy and non-crushing cutting of copper and aluminium single
    conductors as well as multiple stranded cables (not suitable for steel wires, steel-armoured
    cables and hard-drawn conductors).
  • Quick blade release allows fast backout in any position.
  • Plate with support area for putting down the tool during cutting, optional with table-bracket.
  • Polypropylene handles with non-slip troughs for precise handling and optimal power
    transmission (do not cut on live conductors).
  • Optional – padded carry bag with maintenance and clearing set.
FC-200 Cable Cutting Tool Features